How to check your credibility

It's easy to commission a 5C Credibility Check™ for your website (or any corporate literature). You will discover whether any aspects need improving. And you will learn how to do it. Or there's the DIY version*.



You can choose from three options, with different levels of detail and advice.

1. Verbal report: After we have completed the 5C Check™, we will talk you through our main findings in a 30/40-minute conversation (telephone or Skype). We donate our time and expertise for no charge – all we ask is that you first make a donation (of £50 or more) directly to a registered charity of our choice.

2. Summary report: As well as the briefing (which can be at a central London location), you will receive a written summary of our main findings with more detailed advice. Our fee: £195 + Vat.

3. Full report: This will include visuals of sample pages from your website - marked up with explanatory comments and examples of how to fix problems and strengthen your content. We also offer a one-hour meeting (via Skype or telephone, if not in person) to explain our findings and answer any queries you may have. Our fee: £345 + Vat.


Let's make sure your content is credible

Every website needs quality control. Here are some of the insights you will gain:

  • Impartial assessment of strengths and weaknesses 
  • Reality check from a user perspective
  • Know what undermines trust and reduces conversions
  • Advice on fine-tuning your key messages
  • Other opportunities to make the most of what you offer
Name *
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Tell us any particular concerns or priorities you have
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Want to try doing it yourself first? Here's a DIY 5C guide.

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