Publishing services

- Creative service (minus the fat agency fee)

Your corporate publications should be as professional as you are.

But can you afford the time – or justify the inflated fees of a PR/design agency? You don’t have to.

Using Silke & Co’s network of independent professionals, we can provide a full contract publishing package, without an agency's overheads and fees.

It’s a complete service from research and writing, design and photography, to print and mailing. We manage the entire process from initial idea through to the finished high-quality product.

You only pay for what you need. And you stay in control. We minimise the call on your time and the cost.


A virtual agency with real advantages

Drawing on the resources of this ‘virtual’ consultancy, we can assemble the right team for each project.

So we provide:

  • A cost-effective service without the overheads and rigid charging structures of an office-based agency
  • Flexibility to offer the best possible match to your requirements
  • Experienced, skilled professionals – your project won’t be delegated to an office junior or intern.
  • Where it would add value, consultants with direct experience in the relevant field.

We don’t see our creative service as outsourcing. Instead you in-source us, so we become part of your team, build up a real understanding of your organisation, and make the most of your ideas and ours.



We can meet most publishing needs, including:

  • Corporate Responsibility Reports and Sustainability Reports
  • Other annual reports
  • Client and staff magazines and newsletters / e-newsletters
  • Social media profile pages
  • School prospectuses
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Other promotional literature

Or something else? We'd be happy to discuss it and advise, with no strings.

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