Editing & Proofreading

– Quality control for your communications

Think of editing and proofing as quality control.

Every organisation wants its communication to be clear and effective. But all too often proofing is cursory or overlooked altogether. And when it shows, it damages your brand. (What do you think when you notice howlers on competitor websites or elsewhere?)

Most written work can benefit from at least some light editing. And proofreading (by someone other than the author) is essential before you share any content with your audience.

By retaining us, you benefit from the skills of a trained sub-editor and experienced editor.  And we also offer a Rapid Review service giving you prompt feedback up front for free.

If you're not sure, contact us and we'll try to help.


The scope of any proofreading and editing work can vary enormously. Should you want any document or content proofed and/or edited, we'll review it first, discuss the options, and agree the treatment required (and a fixed price) before we start.

You may merely need a straightforward proofreading, with corrections to syntax, spelling, punctuation, etc. 

Or more extensive editing of your draft copy for clarity and style, as well.

Where parts (or all) of the raw copy needs re-writing, we try and retain as much as possible of the creator’s input – without compromising quality – if that will make the final article more authentic.

Our editing and proofing assignments range from website content and tender documents to brochures and sales letters.

We’re also experienced in editing reports, magazines and newsletters, where the chief skill is making sure the various elements (words, images, headlines and graphics) work together as a coherent whole. We also produce publications as part of a contract publishing package.


What do we edit and proofread?

Just about every type of written communication, including:

  • Website content
  • Reports - external / internal
  • Presentations
  • Brochures & promotional materials
  • Newsletters & magazines
  • Bid documents
  • Social media content
  • Articles for press / media
  • e-Books
  • Style guides

If your project is not listed here, just ask and we'll tell you what we can do
(or recommend someone).


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