Words do work

Make sure it's for you - not against


If you’re going to convert prospects into clients, first of all, they must believe you.

So before they ask themselves that all-important question: ‘Does this company provide what I want?’, there are two more fundamental tests you have to pass: 

How professional are you?

And can I trust what you say?’

To answer these questions, the reader consciously and unconsciously measures what you say against certain criteria – we call them ‘the 5 Cs of Credibility’. 


keys to customer conversion

Satisfy each of these and the visitor will go on to judge your service/product on its merits – and, most likely, take the next step towards becoming a buyer.

Fall down on any of these key questions and the credibility of your organisation – and your service / product – will be damaged to some degree in the reader's eyes. That means your prospects are likely to look elsewhere for a more credible provider.

We can analyse the credibility of your website content, or any other corporate literature.


The 5C Credibility Check

Here's how we use the 5 Cs – as lenses for analysing your content's credibility. 

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1. CORRECTIs the copy correct & clean – ie, free of typos, grammatical slips, etc?

Yes – This organisation seems professional and they pay attention to detail….

No – Is their service a bit slipshod too…?

2. CLEARIs the information direct, concise & expressed clearly?

Yes – They are speaking to me and understand what I need to know.

No – Do they really understand what we’re about…?

3. CONSISTENTAre the style, voice & tone consistent (across all media) and in tune with your values?

 Yes – This is a joined-up organisation that inspires confidence.

 No – Someone’s singing from a different hymn sheet..!

4. COHERENTHave the key messages and themes been thought through?

 Yes – They know what they’re talking about and it all makes sense.

 No – I’m not sure what they say adds up…?

5. COMPELLINGDoes the content capture what's different / notable about the business and back that up?

 Yes – This is convincing and trustworthy; they can meet my needs.

No – I’m not persuaded, it doesn’t quite ring true….


Let's make sure your content is credible

Every website needs quality control. Here's how your content can benefit from an impartial 5C Check™:

  • Fix the faults hiding in plain view
  • Focus on the customer's priorities
  • Fine-tune your key messages
  • Build trust and boost conversions
  • Make the most of what you offer

We can do a check for you. Or you can do it yourself – click to find out how.

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