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First, the Why?

Because words matter to us and to your business. They are the main way for people to understand and care about you can do for them. That writing and content should never sell your company short. It must convey your full value. No more, no less. Always.



SILKE: That’s Eugene Silke - the copywriter who (full disclosure) should have been an accountant.

On graduating with a business studies degree, I trained with a major accountancy firm. But I was more at home working with words than crunching numbers. So I left for London and the world of publishing.

Lucky to get a good grounding in journalism as a sub-editor, I then worked through most roles in business publishing – from reporter and features editor to editor of a weekly title.

Apart from two years away (travelling, not prison), I’ve been self-employed since. After initially working freelance for magazines and agencies, I set up Silke & Co in 2012 to work directly with businesses.


& CO: A network of talented independent designers, writers (some also ex-journalists), photographers and others who contribute their tailored expertise as projects require.



Those old media skills are still valuable in the digital world.

A business needs to tell its story in a way that is accurate, engaging and credible – just like journalistic reporting.

Whether it’s a social media post or a website home page, the content, tone of voice and style need to work together – as a skilled sub-editor or editor knows.

And we’re prepared to dig deep for the valuable stuff, filtering lots of detail (and crunching numbers) if necessary to build a compelling story.



Based in south-east London, we mostly work for companies in the capital and UK, but have international clients as well.


And what else?

VALUES: If we share similar values, we will work better together and your communications will be all the more credible and effective. And we can add more value. Which is what we want to do.

What are our values? What clients say about us matters more than what we say about ourselves (you can see some of their comments here), but these are the qualities we bring to bear in our work:

  • Committed – that’s in the dedicated, hard-working sense                                  
  • Genuine – open, trustworthy, with no hype
  • Creative – always looking for a fresh angle to engage and add value
  • Rigorous – the detail is devilishly important too
  • Never knowingly overstated –  so no breathless superlatives (see no. 2 above) about us or you, but we won't sell you short either


What about you? Get in touch and find out if we're right for you.


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