Who needs a copywriter?

See the wood for the trees – and the truths hiding in plain sight

See the wood for the trees – and the truths hiding in plain sight

It's not about you ...

The biggest reason a businesses needs the services of a professional copywriter can be the least obvious – especially to the business owners / managers themselves.

Yes, it’s true – you know your business better than anyone. You understand your customers better than we do. So how could we be better able to write about your business?

First, all that knowledge of yours can get in the way.

You’re immersed in the business. So it’s much harder to step back and see things from a customer’s perspective – or the wood for the trees.

The other answer is that what we write will be for your customers. Like them, we're on the outside, and a good copywriter always writes for the audience, not the client.


We view everything through a customer lens

So how do we do that?

  • We may ask you ‘idiot’ questions about the business. Things that people inside your organisation never pause to consider. But the questions and answers can be illuminating.

  • We concentrate on what the customer wants to know. Rather than rattling on about how great you are.

  • We research your market and what your competitors are saying, so we can craft a sharper, distinctive message for your business.

  • We identify the customer’s ‘pain’ and priorities so that what we write resonates with them.

  • And then we show your prospective customers how your products / services can take that pain away.

  • That's how the benefits of what you do come across as truly relevant and credible.


the value of BUSINESS copywriting and this approach 

Benefits that your business will reap include:

> Clear and professional communications that enhance your brand.

> Freedom from the burden of writing (or the guilt of not getting around to it).

> Sharp and distinctive messaging that gives you an edge.

> Copy that converts prospects into customers.

> The added value of ideas and insights drawn from experience helping other businesses.


Need a copywriter? Maybe you don't...?

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