How we do it

Are you apprehensive about using a professional copywriter?

Or maybe you’re not convinced you need one? (Here’s one reason you may do ...)

It could be:

• You’ve never used a copywriter before, or you had a bad experience?

• You’re concerned about the cost and whether you’ll get value?

Well, you needn’t worry. We make it clear, cost-effective and risk-free (with our guarantee).


Here’s how we work with you

1. It starts with a conversation and some questions. And we can make it even easier by sending you a brief questionnaire.

But even if you decide not to use Silke & Co this time, answering our questions will be useful for you. They cover things – about you, your business, your customers and your competitors – that you (and whoever writes your content) must be clear about.

2. We review your answers and home in on what you need, the key messages and the right tone of voice. Then when we’ve agreed the brief, we will quote you a fixed price for the work. And that includes revisions and any re-writes, if needed, until you’re happy. We happily shoulder the risk.

And by the way, if we are not sure we can do a great job, we’ll tell you so up front (and try to recommend someone who can).

3. We deliver. Whether it’s clear, compelling copy; a 5C Credibility Check™ of your existing website (or literature); a publishing package or other services – we meet the agreed deadline.


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