What we've done

We work with a rich variety of businesses.

From small businesses (because we're competitive) ...

... to inter/national companies (because we're capable).

We tackle subject areas that range from the mundane to the arcane: construction to credit risk analysis, management consulting to facilities management, environmental services to retail.

The type of work we do is just as varied – from website content to press releases, corporate responsibility reports to blogging, corporate taglines to client and staff magazines, brochures to social media profiles and content.

The one constant is commitment to our clients’ need to communicate what their customers need to know clearly and effectively.

Here’s a selection of their feedback:

Engaging style ... hugely experienced ... crucial communication skills ... a pleasure to work with ... professional attention to detail ... a great partner ... clearly an expert ...


“I have worked with Eugene as a partner of the Ayming UK Marketing team, for the past 18 months. Eugene works with us as a corporate copywriter, helping turn our expert insight into engaging articles, reports, web copy and white papers, as just a few examples. It is a pleasure working with Eugene - he's insightful, enquiring, consistent, responsive and a thoroughly nice person! Long may the partnership continue.”

Nick Tribe, Head of Marketing - UK & Ireland, Ayming


“Eugene is an invaluable element of our annual report writing at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, evaluating and interrogating information from a range of sources to create a compelling account of our companies' diverse activities.

“An experienced editor, Eugene makes short work of structuring and presenting copy in a logical and clear way. The results ensure complex and numerous subjects are easily understood and engaging.”

Rhiannon Williams, Senior Brand Manager, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK


“When launching our new fire protection system, it was crucial to communicate its benefits to construction professionals and domestic and residential homeowners. Silke & Co helped us get across the advantages of the Halo high-pressure water system quickly and clearly. 

"Their grasp of the technical and commercial aspects, advice on structuring our new website, and the quality of the written content mean that potential clients get the information they need to know in a form that’s easy to read and convincing. 

"Silke & Co also came up with an effective tagline for Halo and have produced interesting articles and case studies for Quenchfire in the technical press.

Halo’s launch was successful and the business is seeing strong growth.”

Ollie Moyce, Director, Quenchfire Ltd 


"I have known Eugene for many years and first engaged his writing skills on a series of construction industry case studies for a major UK contractor that required a deep level of understanding.

"Most recently, Eugene provided valuable editorial support to create an engaging corporate style for a new annual review. Eugene’s ability to engage with a wide and varied range of subject matter defines his competitive advantage and helps set him apart. I highly recommend his copywriting and editorial expertise."

Mark Lench, Director, Lench & Co


"Eugene of Silke & Co was a huge help to me by producing initial ideas, content, style, and a strategy for simplifying complex case studies for my first web site. 

"I was limited on time and Eugene guided me through the process, blending content and tone to achieve results far in excess of what I had envisaged. He has a very supportive approach, working through many versions and last-minute changes.

"Eugene challenged me to hit my deadlines and played a major role in project-managing the entire process to meet our agreed objectives. 

"He is hugely experienced and willing to share this; I unreservedly recommend Eugene."

Chris Knights, Chris Knights & Associates


"Eugene was very quick to identify the essence of our brand and understand the market that we work within. From here Eugene developed and refined our key messages in order for us communicate clearly with our client base.

"Eugene was a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Mathew Snelling, Project Director, Chesney's Architectural


"I have happily used Silke & Co for seven years. They provide a personal and highly reliable service, producing consistently high-quality copy and publications. Over a long period, Eugene Silke has shown an ability to deal and work with people at all levels in the organisation, and to research and write content that is accessible and engaging, whether on technical or general topics. 

"I feel confident and secure when I hand work to Eugene, knowing he will project-manage this for me, taking the pressure away from me and acting as an extended part of my in-house team. Having the flexibility to call on his excellent and crucial communication skills to strengthen the existing capabilities in my team is key in this pressured role.

"His contribution has helped us communicate effectively through a variety of channels including website content, client and staff magazines, brochures, award submissions and corporate responsibility reports."

Tracey Elms, Group Marketing and PR Manager, Eurovia Group


“Eugene Silke not only offers the advantage of someone who is extremely good with the written word, he combines this with the ability to see how text, images and design can be used to convey messages in a variety of media.

“He played a crucial role in the development of a national magazine for the retail sector, advising on the design stage through to contributing topic suggestions for journalists to follow. Alongside this he is a writer with great skills, able to produce feature articles that blend detail and practical points together in a style that holds the reader’s attention.

“Previously he has been involved with website delivery, and recognises the need to adapt content for the web. His writing style is crisp and succinct, an approach that is essential for most website content.

“Underpinning these skills is the fact that Eugene is reliable and delivers on time.”

Steve Eminton, Publishing Director, Environment Media Group /
Editor, letsrecycle.com


“Eugene of Silke & Co carried out a six-month assignment for Wolters Kluwer, one of the world’s largest business-to-business publishers. He successfully managed key elements of our UK PR programme, covering the company’s business activities in the employment, human resources, health and safety, tax and accounting sectors. The assignment required a swift immersion into highly specialised areas of business information and consultancy from a technical angle, as well getting to grips with internal company systems and approvals processes. He brought good insights and characteristic intelligence to the results.”

David Wells, UK Communications Director, Wolters Kluwer


“Silke & Co carried out a 5C Credibility Check on our website that was truly revealing and valuable. Before revamping the content, Eugene asked telling questions about the business that helped us clarify our offering and he made other positive suggestions. Most important, feedback from clients confirms that the site now better reflects the professional service and values of our company.”

Sheahan Thorne, Director, Hyssop Project Ltd


“When I engaged Eugene from Silke & Co to review the copy on my website, I thought the existing copy was clear but I wanted an impartial, expert confirmation that the website conveyed the values and purpose of my consulting practice. Eugene conducted a thorough review, which was invaluable. This showed how key messages about my values and service offering could be sharper and expressed more effectively.

“What particularly impressed me was his commitment to his craft, his patience and skill in giving feedback, and most of all his attention to detail. This gave me the confidence to feel that at last I would have a website that truly reflected the message I want to convey to clients – and the expertise we offer – in a clear and professional way. I was not disappointed. Eugene carried out a thorough evaluation with constructive feedback, he asked good questions so as to really understand my mission and aims, and was then able to distill all that information and present it in a readable and engaging form.”

Morton Patterson, Founder of Morton Patterson Consulting


"Eugene is a very customer-focused person, who ensures that his client is always satisfied with the work. He has written a very effective website for me and has on many occasions gone out of his way to help. His work is always very professional and creative with flair."

Shila Shah, Founder, Shinar Outsourcing Consultants


“I asked Eugene to do a thorough review and update the content of my website. I wanted to change the tone of voice. This required not just rewriting material, but also advising me where content needed to be changed and the way it should be presented.

“I know from experience that whether Eugene is dealing with a major project for a corporate client or a modest assignment for a small business, you get the same professional attention from someone who is very easy to work with and gives an excellent service.”

Steven St John, Director, Better Working


“As copywriter for an annual corporate sustainability report, Eugene brought a strong understanding of the challenges facing companies generally as they strive towards greater sustainability, as well as the particular issues affecting the environmental services sector. He was able to extract key facts from a range of sources, including technical background information and data, and to weave them into a reader-friendly narrative. In his work on the report, Eugene produced clear and crisp copy, showed a keen editor's eye for detail, and always delivered to deadline.”

Caroline Macdonald, Founder of Oggadoon Ltd


“After a brief chat about our IT business, Eugene Silke reviewed our website and came back with insightful feedback. His report identified issues that people in the business and others had failed to spot. The recommendations and advice will strengthen the content and fine-tune our message in subtle but valuable ways. It's a service I'd commend to other companies.”

Cosma Papoulis, Co-founder, UA Technology Services


“Building case studies based on three multi-unit managers that we’d worked with was proving harder than expected. Our typed up notes came to +7 pages and we knew we had some great points in there that were being obscured by too much waffle!

To resolve this we sought out Eugene Silke’s expertise to help us create the clear, concise and impactful stories that we wanted.

Eugene’s approach is very collaborative, starting off by asking detailed questions to get under the skin of the business and to understand what we’re trying to achieve. His approach was to format the case studies in a simple manner:

  • What was the need, the challenge being faced?

  • What did we (MMU) do to help the individual; what actions did they take?

  • What was the output, what changed as a result of our support?

his straightforward template was applied to all three case studies and helped us to end up with punchy, value added stories that are accessible to any operator in retail or food & beverage.

Throughout the process Eugene was always checking in with us to ensure we were happy with the progress he was making, taking feedback on board and amending the stores accordingly. He was also very prompt in responding to requests and questions, never missing a deadline once during the project.

Eugene’s advice on our broader communications (eg, the MMU Website and brochure) has also been invaluable and we would have no hesitation in engaging his services again in the future to help us polish our messaging further.

A great partner and clearly an expert in what he does, we’d recommend Eugene’s services to anyone looking to shape or refine their messages.”

Lee Sheldon, Founder, Mastering Multi-Units

If you're in any doubt about how we'd help you, just ask. We'd love to earn your praise.

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