7 reasons to be a responsible business

Do the right thing – and reap the business benefits

Do the right thing – and reap the business benefits

Do the right thing and report it

Corporate Responsibility shouldn't be just for big corporates – or for window dressing.

Whether yours is an SME or a national company, you should be thinking about and acting on Corporate Responsibility – and reporting your progress.



Here are seven reasons why:

1. You’re doing it already. Training your employees, promoting safety, recycling waste, streamlining your services, supporting a charity event – that’s all part of CR. Why not look at in the round, tell a coherent CR story and take proper credit for what you’re doing?

2. Your clients expect it. If not, their clients do and yours will follow. Better to get your act together now before awkward questions about your CR strategy pop up in the next tender document or negotiation.

3. Your competitors are (or soon will be). A clear CR strategy – and content strategy – provides competitive advantage. It can set you apart from your rivals. But not only does it look good to clients and the public, a CR strategy can give you an edge by driving improvements in the business too.

It’s about the business, stupid!

4. You don’t need masses of performance data. CR reporting is first and foremost about aspiration, and setting out what sustainability means to your business. Measuring and indicators follow later, and at least some can be based on the information you already use to manage your business.

5. Your employees want it (even if you/they don’t realise it yet). Being part of a company that does the right thing by its people, the community and the environment is good for morale and team-building, and it boosts recruitment and retention of staff.

6. It’s not a fluffy luxury just for the good times. Climate change, rising energy prices, resource depletion, skills shortages, social breakdown, consumer power….. the pressure for sustainability and transparency in business is growing, not going away.

7. It’s about the business, stupid! (to adapt Bill Clinton’s election maxim about the economy). CR can help you drive down energy costs, improve customer service, and enhance your brand – to cite just three benefits vital to the sustainability of a business.

Let's help you tell your CR story.

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