Rapid editorial review service

Get a second opinion, for free


Sometimes you're so close to a writing task, the words begin to blur. Or the deadline is looming fast, and you have other things to do.

Publishing regardless may risk damaging your credibility, or selling yourself or your company short.

It helps to get impartial, expert advice. Whether it's a report, newsletter, web content, speech, press release, awards application, brochure, or just about anything – we'll give you helpful feedback, fast.


how it works

Tell us about your audience and your concerns, send the draft (or a sample), and we’ll review it promptly – at no charge, and in complete confidence. Then we’ll diagnose any problems and explain how we would fix them.

This advice should be valuable. But it's up to you whether you act on it or not – yourself, or with our help.

If you do want support, we'll agree what's to be done and quote you a fixed fee for the work.

And if we can't help, we'll tell you out straight (and try to recommend someone who can).

What have you got to lose? (We don't know either.)


What kind of problems do we fix?

  • Text too long and wordy
  • Lacks originality / creative spark
  • Weak structure
  • Jargon and management speak
  • Poor phrasing / bad grammar
  • Missing facts & information
  • Lack of context / the bigger picture
  • Too technical for the audience
  • Inappropriate or inconsistent tone of voice 
  • Design problems: our graphical and digital design & other partners are also on hand

Those are just some of the ways we can help. It all depends on your project.

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